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Hello! My name is Bradley, and I'm a student at Purdue University studying Computer Science. Thank you for stopping by my portfolio.


I have a wide range of interests academically and outside of academics. Being a CS student, it's critical to me to seek out opportunities that enhance my technical skill set. Currently, I TA for an introductory programming course and have a handful of side projects (GitHub). My areas of interest include Machine Intelligence and Software Engineering.

Outside of tech and academics, I'm passionate about movies & TV. View my favorites on my Letterboxd account!



Bot service for Amazon Prime Now associates to sign up for shifts

ShiftBot is a service that enables Prime Now associates to sign up for shifts automatically. The purpose of this project is to allow associates who may have demanding schedules/commitments the ability to sign up for their desired shifts. Each associate purchases a ShiftBot subscription for $15/month. From there, each user receives a weekly form with a list of all the shifts for the week. The user selects their desired shifts, and then I pull the data once a week and process it automatically with a Python script. Additionally, there is a script that runs continuously and launches the bots shortly before shifts are released. The project's website is available here as well as a demonstration of the service. Here is the link to the public repo for this project. Lastly, here is a link to an article I wrote on my Medium about the project.

May. 2019

Browser Bots

Selenium scripts that automate web-browsing activities

Browser Bots is a collection of selenium-based Python classes that enable automated web browsing on a few sites. For instance, one of the classes (, has a handful of functions one of which includes automated purchasing of items. The GitHub repo is available here.

Mar. 2019

Sentiment Report

A program that analyzes a given security's social media sentiment and generates a report using Chartify.

This is my first GitHub-based project to get more experience using open-source tools. The program works by parsing/scraping Twitter & Stocktwits and compiles all data into an easy, readable report using the Spotify developed Data Science library, Chartify. This is a project I am currently working on and can be viewed here.

Jan. 2019

A social media site that allows eSports teams and players to connect with one another and potential sponsors.

eSportsVault was a project I worked on for many months during my junior year of high school. My goal was to enable the many new eSports teams to acquire sponsors, post openings, and connect with others in the community. The website turned out well, however, was met with moderate usage. I eventually shut down the site as it was not successful enough. All-in-all, the project was enjoyable and exciting to work on, and I learned a lot.

Jan. 2017


A caffeinated gummy bear brand targeted toward the gaming and eSports community.

Around the beginning of my junior year of high school, I began to brainstorm a product that could have success in the gaming community. Eventually, I found a company out of Washington state that produced caffeinated gummy bears. I decided to purchase the gummy bears wholesale and target the eSports community. The site was the first eCommerce site I had built. Since I was the only one running the "company" initially, I bought small Uline boxes in bulk and packed and shipped all orders. The site proved to be somewhat popular and amassed over 5000 followers on social media. After a few months, it began significantly cutting into time I had to dedicate elsewhere (school), so I had to turn over the reins. The project was one of the best learning experiences as I learned a lot about web development, eCommerce, customer service, and marketing.

Aug. 2016


In addition to my own projects, I have developed websites for people, companies, & non-profit organizations.

Some of the sites are no longer in use, but here are some: (Virtual private assistant services), (Non-profit organization that hosted various arts & crafts events for children in the Chicago-Austin neighborhood), & (Interior design company).

Sept. 2015 - Present


Programming Languages & Tools


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